Mother’s Day Love Tokens

Available in store and online: Ginger grater, $9.95; Ceramic juicer, $9.95; Ceramic Pie Vent, $9.95; Timber Bird House, $29.95; Falcon Enamel Milk Saucepan, $14.50; Cooking Twine on Spool with Scissors, $29.95; Falcon enamel teapot 1.2 litres, $31.95, with Falcon enamel 300ml mugs, $5.50 each; Belgian White Chocolate covered Junee Licorice, $5/100g; Mason Cash 125mm bowl, $8.95; Marius Fabre box of six pure Marseilles soap, $39.95; Beech timber with natural Tampico fibre nail brush, $7.50; Vintage Bobbin Egg Timer, $24.95.

I am playing around in the shop photographing products for Mother’s Day gift inspiration. As I choose goods to photograph on my daughter Isabelle’s old bedside cabinet I hear my mother’s words, “Don’t spend a lot of money”. So I’ve chosen bits and pieces that don’t cost a fortune, but will let Mum know you are thinking of her. We all know it’s the things that don’t cost anything that matter most. Isabelle showed great insight when, aged five, she bought me a pre-loved, rainbow coloured, resin necklace for five cents at a school Mother’s Day stall. I wore it until it broke and I still have it in pieces in my jewellery box. Here is my Mother’s Day Wish List for Sunday, May 12:

1. Espresso coffee in bed while I read for 10 minutes

2. Buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup

3. Handmade card

4. Something crafty made at school (macaroni necklaces are tops)

5. Time scratching about in the garden, while the boys play superheroes

6. My three children in the nest (not always possible with a daughter away at uni)

7. Family dinner cooked by Duncan. Always delicious.

8. Tuck two exhausted boys into bed with a good night kiss

9. Relaxing bath, with bubbles and bubbly!

10. Settle in for ‘Call the Midwife’ with a box of tissues

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