All hands on deck for Falcon Enamelware

Duncan is on logistics sorting out the delivery of three pallets of Falcon Enamelware.


Duncan sent me a SMS this morning with two words, “It’s here”. ‘It’ being three pallet-loads of Falcon Enamelware. One of Duncan’s strengths is logistics so I left him to organising the boxes in our warehouse, promising to drop in later in the day to photograph some of the new stock.


We’ve been looking forward to the arrival of new Falcon Enamelware tumblers, plates and tea pots, imported to Australia for the first time in a long time.

He sent me an email of some of the stars from the delivery: enamel tumblers, enamel pie plate, classic enamel 1.5 litre tea pot (all with Falcon’s trademark ice white and cobalt blue trim), and a particularly elegant enamel 1.5 litre teapot in cream with a grey trim. Duncan described it as having the restrained elegance of a handsome Aga stove or two-tone Alvis Speed 20. He even showed me a photo of the 1932 car to prove it.


A stack of six Falcon Enamelware tumblers in signature ice white and cobalt blue.

Then it was into the shop for a photo shoot to upload the new arrivals onto the website. I love the natural light that streams into the front display window. So I headed there with stamped Odgers and McClelland brown paper, packing tape, a stool and a selection of enamelware. After photographing products for the website for about 18 months I reckon I’m really happy with the simplicity of the images this time. And at least one of our customers agrees. “I love the simplicity of that,” a female customer offered as I was photographing the teapot. Boosted by positive reinforcement I kept going until it was time to collect our son from school and head to the Nundle Pool.


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