Father’s Day on my radar

In our house Father’s Day has been somewhat overshadowed since our eldest son was born just two days before Father’s Day, nearly seven years ago.
We tend to be swept up in the planning that goes with birthdays, particularly for those still celebrating single fiigures.
After forgetting to give my own father a Father’s Day gift last year (unforgivable when you have a store like ours), this year it is on my radar and I spent the day musing about the different dads I know.
Is your dad a foodie, green thumb, traditionalist, or debonair? These are the words that came into my head as I prepared the above shots of gift ideas for Father’s Day (Sunday week). Most dads I know probably dabble in a few categories.
While many dads don’t expect a gift on Father’s Day, they are touched when we remember them.

If we can help you with your gift giving please drop us a line and we’ll have your package in the mail…maybe even directly to the dad in question.

Enjoy Father’s Day, be it as a dad or with your dad.
We’ll be putting a little extra effort into Father’s Day on the home front. There’s just the matter of that Superhero birthday party first.

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