Nundle Why rush it?

The blue colour choice threw me at first. Is blue a Nundle colour? The Wedgwood blue of the new Nundle brochure design was chosen for a reason. To pick up the blues in clothing, skies, and the rustic timber background photography. This week the new Nundle brochure, Nundle Why rush it?, arrived from the printers. And the blue is a winner. “Fresh”, “Calming” and “Modern” are words used by locals describing the colour and design. Our community has been working on the brochure for more than six months. As you can imagine it takes some time to work with multiple business houses and volunteer organisations, let alone finalise copywriting, photography and design. But we did it and the result exceeds our expectations. The talented Sunshine Poschinger spent a week in Nundle photographing the town and local people. These images inspired the brochure design and television commercials and website that developed at the same time. My, how far we have come as a community. When we first moved to Nundle 13 years ago Nundle had an attractive sepia DL tri-fold brochure featuring half a dozen photographs. Fellow writer Amanda Ducker and I worked on the second incarnation, a four-page, colour, A5 brochure. We doubled its size for its second print run, with photographs and cameos on 16 businesses capturing the character of Nundle. This was re-printed and updated twice and was well-received by locals and visitors alike. In 2011 Nundle Business Tourism and Marketing Group boldly embraced change and brought in outsiders Yes Media to design the new brochure, a double-sided A3 colour brochure, folded to DL. It is beautiful, mainly due to the empathy and creativity of photographer Sunshine, the generosity and availability of the models (volunteers), and the elegant graphic design by Nicola Allen. I particularly love the happiness of the cover shot, beautiful Teree Burr lifting baby son Max high in the air in the grounds of the Nundle Woollen Mill. Even Duncan and I feature in a photograph outside our store Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores. Thank you to everyone involved and if you’d like to have a look, please download the brochure and television commercials at

Teree Burr and son Max wear garments from Nundle Woolen Mill to model for the new Nundle brochure. See it at

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