Have yourself a merry green Christmas

The traditional Christmas shade of green takes on a deeper tinge than usual this year. There will be many odd shaped presents under Christmas trees belonging to our Odgers and McClelland customers. Think red, green or black Haws watering cans, Japanese Razor Hoes, Burgon and Ball spades, and enamel compost buckets (we’ve wrapped them all). I’ve read newspaper articles about how post GFC more people are gardening and growing their own food, but Christmas 2011 is cold hard proof of that. In previous years pampering products olive oil soap, Italian shaving soap, and shaving brushes or gourmet treats extra virgin olive oil, chocolate coated coffee beans and French balsamic vinegar were the gifts of choice. This Christmas has a gritty, dirt under the fingernails theme. For many people Christmas has gone underground and has a deliciously earthy texture with gifts for growing, harvesting or cooking fresh produce. German vegetable brushes, timber paper pot presses, enamel pie dishes and baking trays and garden twines the colours of earth, fire and water will be unwrapped, maybe from recycled paper, on Christmas Day. 

Broadbeans and baby silverbeet from our vegetable garden behind the shop.

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