Romanian enamelware back in store

There has been unprecedented demand for Romanian enamelware at Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores this winter. Could it be the enticing comfort food shots in your latest magazines? Or does your favourite celebrity chef use an enamel pie dish? We are trying to guess. Enamelware has been a fixture at Odgers and McClelland for many years and this morning we were happy to see the Nundle courier TK Express arrive with the biggest shipment of Romanian enamelware yet. There are lovely shaped French enamel pitchers in cream or white, elegant four, two and one litre enamel pitchers in red, blue or white, 30cm or 40cm diametre enamel basins in cream or white, enamel measuring jugs in red, blue or white, and enamel buckets and lids for kitchen scraps destined for compost, worms, or chickens. We also have enamel baking pans, roasting dishes, colanders, bundt pans, chicken roasters and pie dishes in five sizes. Duncan is unpacking the boxes as I write, so drop into the store at or 81, Jenkins St, Nundle in beautiful northern inland New South Wales.

Romanian enamelware back at Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, Nundle.
Drop into our online store or at beautiful Nundle to see our range of Romanian enamelware that arrived today.

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