Happy Accident

We have a garden interloper among our leaf vegetables. We did not plant it, it just appeared. So of course it is thriving and abundant in the bare winter garden. We call it brocckale – a cross between broccoli and kale. So while our carefully nurtured silverbeet has struggled, we have brocckale by the bunchful. We do not buy many vegetables, preferring to walk into the backyard and pick the night’s dinner. You really can add greens to almost anything. And the more disguised the better when it comes to leafy greens when children share the dinner table. My favourite concoction to date rediscovers the chicken casserole courtesy of Stephanie Alexander. The chicken is cooked slowly in a cast iron baking dish with a tight fitting lid, browning the chicken on a stovetop before adding red wine, bay leaf, two anchovies, 18 olives, capsicum, preserved tomatoes and a colander full of brocckale florets and leaves, kale, and silverbeet. So flavoursome and the greens? You wouldn’t recognise them.

Our welcome garden interloper brocckale, a cross between broccoli and kale.

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